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Meet Our Educators
  • Meet Our Team

    An experienced and qualified team dedicated to the growth and wellbeing of your child
  • Our leadership team consist of one Early Childhood teachers and three Diploma Qualified Educator with extensive experience in early childhood education.

    • Nguyen
      Educator Assistant
      Diploma in Early Childhood

      My aim is to provide a fun and exciting learning experience for children. Being apart of their day-to-day journey makes me a critical component in their development and education, so seeing them evolve and learn right in front of my eyes is very rewarding.

    • Nhi
      Educator Assistant
      Diploma in Early Childhood

      What brings me endless joy is seeing a child’s face light up each time they learn or develop a new skill. Working in childcare is not only educational but it means my days are filled with lots of love, fun and laughter.

    • Jomana
      Educator Assistant
      Diploma in Early Childhood
      5 years experience

      Working alongside children, I have become apart of their education, welfare and health. I feel I give them a valuable start in developing their social, emotional and physical skills. I would like to be known as someone who helped make and mold these young children into future successful adults.

    • Keshlin (Kesh)
      Cert III Business Admin
      Cert III Children Services
      14 years experience

      My goal is to provide overall support and coordination for families and educators to ensure a smooth and happy environment.

      At Grace St, I believe we are not just children and educators but we are also one big family.


    • Mohamed
      Centre Manager

      As the Centre Manager, I host various duties which include planning, organising and coordinating educational programs and activities for the children. I work closely with our educators and parents to provide a safe and wonderful setting.

    • Munir
      Centre Director

      As the Centre Director, I believe in providing a safe, happy, stimulating and positive learning environment for young children. I strive to create a supportive and encouraging surrounding for both children and teachers.

    • Betty
      Room Leader/Kinder Teacher
      Kindergarten Program
      Bachelor of Education
      26 years teaching experience

      I have been involved and teaching in Early Childhood for over 20 years. Children are my lifelong passion. They never cease to amaze me with the fascinating things they achieve.

    • Anastasia (Tess)
      Room Leader
      Diploma in Early Childhood
      30 years experience

      I believe in making learning fun and engaging for children. My aim is to provide them with rich learning experiences both indoors and outdoors through play and inquiry.