Celebrating our Cultural Diversity

April 21, 2016

Last month we celebrated Harmony Day in conjunction with Cultural Diversity Week. Children in the Kinder room spent time exploring the different cultures we come from. We looked at the different cultures and where they were found on the world map. We discussed the different languages that were spoken within these different countries.

Macedonian Dancing_1Macedonian DancingOnigiri

We practiced saying hello and good bye in many different languages. We also listened to music from different cultures and children even engaged in some Macedonian dancing. They displayed enjoyment and commitment in the experience as they counted out the appropriate steps and performed them repetitively.

As part of our Diversity Celebrations, the whole centre came together with parents and family members joining us for an afternoon of song and food tasting. The Kinder children made a traditional Japanese food called Onigiri, which is a rice ball decorated with ‘nori’. Children carefully followed the recipe and then enthusiastically engaged in rolling the rice balls. Parents and family members enjoyed tasting the children’s efforts.

A big thank you to those families that joined us, it was greatly appreciated by your children as they enjoyed showing off what they do at Kinder and sharing it with you.


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