Exploring our Identity @ Kinder

March 16, 2016

Our Kinder children have been exploring the concept of our identity. The purpose of this project is for children to get to know each other and recognise similarities and differences between themselves that will allow them to make connections with their peers. Thus far we have explored:

  • our images, focusing on what we look like
  • our names, what letters and sounds are in our names and practicing to write them
  • our emotions and feelings, how we can express ourselves verbally and work cooperatively
  • what we like/dislike, establishing common connections from foods to activities we like to partake in and places we like to go
  • where we come from, cultural heritage.

This concept of identity is an on-going project as we encourage children to feel safe, secure and supported in their environment, help develop their emerging autonomy and inter-dependence, develop confident self-identities and providing opportunities for children to learn to interact with others with care, empathy and respect.

Within this project we are extending literacy and language development, numeracy awareness, social awareness, fine and gross motor development and expressing our ideas and opinions with a range of mediums.


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