Our Kindergarten Program

Ready to leap into a life of learning
  • What is Kinder all about?

    • What we learn?

      At Grace St we believe that each child is a unique individual. Our ongoing approach to teaching and learning is based on play and inquiry. We believe that play is essential to children’s learning and that children learn most effectively within an unhurried environment with meaningful, authentic experiences. We believe that the early years are a critical time for learning and development and that young children should be supported. Our program is reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework.

    • Preparing for School

      Throughout the year we help prepare your child for that important move to School. We work on developing independence, social skills, cognitive skills, motor skills and communication skills. We engage the child in a range of learning experiences that encompass literacy, numeracy, the sciences and the arts. The aim of these experiences is to equip children with the skills and capabilities that will hold them in good stead as they navigate through the challenges of school life. We help children become resilient, independent and active life-long learners. As part of our school readiness program, we simulate experiences children would have at school such as bringing lunch from home and staying awake for the full day.

    • Excursions & Incursions

      Every year we have incursions and excursions as part of the Kinder program which are fun and educational for children. Excursions in the past have included visits to the zoo, local markets, the aquarium amongst others. Some excursions may incur additional costs.

    • School Holiday Program

      During school holidays, we run a school holiday program that includes many fun and engaging activities. A copy of the program is available upon request prior to the end of term or you can view it on display at our centre.

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